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Múltikúlti - Language Centre has offered language courses, Icelandic and other languages, since 2009. We are close to midtown Reykjavik, but students can also choose to be online. We offer Icelandic language courses on six levels in moderate sized groups from 8 o´clock in the mornings to ten in the evening. We have experienced teachers that teach in Icelandic, English, Ukrainian, Polish Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, and Russian.

Prices:  Icelandic Courses: 52.000 kr. (40 hours, 60 class hours) 10% discount for exchange students and Au-pairs with Icelandic social security numbers (kennitala).
Other Courses: 38.000 kr. (15 hours)
Members of Labor Unions can apply for refund of up to 90% of their course fees in their Labor Union. Multikulti is a recognized Educational Institution in adult education by the Ministry of Education.
Office hours are 12:00 to 16:00, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu. and Fri.


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