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English Courses with a native speaker

pre-Intermediate English

Tue. og Thu. 17:30-19:00 

July. 5th. - August. 4th.

beginner/elementary English

Tue. og Thu. 19:15-20:45 

July. 5th. - August. 4th.

About the course :

Join an interactive and fun English language class that will help you reach your next level. This class will prioritize comprehension and speaking as well as focus on all four aspects of the language: oral comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and writing. The class will be planned according to the level of the students and their interests.

During the class you can also receive career support in the form of assistance in CV and cover letter writing in English, as well as, interview practice - all in English.

When you register please indicate whether you are a : pre intermediate or intermediate for the 17:30 course and beginner or elementary for the 19:15 course.


Teacher is Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper

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