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Multikulti Language Centre – Infection Control

Multikulti Infection Control is based on guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Culture about the operations of schools and education centres. Students, teachers, staff and other customers of Multikulti should familiarize themselves with the guidelines and rules that appear on this website and are valid at each time and observe changes that may occur.


General Infection Control and Distancing

Guidelines about individual infection control, such as distancing, hand washing and sterilization, should be followed.


Distancing according to 1-meter rule should apply to all communication within school.


Sterilizing substances are available at all entrances.


Common contact surfaces are cleaned and sterilized at least daily.


Posters with reminders about infection control are visible to students.


Staff limits its presence in students’ space as much as possible.


Everyone should pay attention to avoid to many people gathering in common space, like coffee space.


To all areas it applies that students, teachers and staff should not enter if the relevant person:

 -Is in quarantine.
-Is in isolation (also when waiting for results from check).
-Has been in isolation because of Covid-19 infection and 14 days have not passed from start of isolation.
-Has symptoms (cold, cough, fever, headache, bone- or muscle pain, fatigue).

We encourage all to familiarize themselves with guidelines on, in case of infection and use the tracking app C-19.

Teaching arrangements


It is optional to participate in Multikulti Icelandic courses in classroom or online. Should the number of participants in class room endanger the goals of the 1 meter rule, the teacher, in cooperation with students, organizes  an arrangement that ensures that it can be fulfilled, where a particular proportion of the class is always participating online.

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