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English 1



A1  Beginner


The English beginner’s course prepares the student to interact in a limited number of day-to-day situations and is aimed at students who have never studied English or have a very limited knowledge of the language.


Course Length: 15 hours





• a chance to communicate in English

• practise your English in real life tasks and situations

• speak and listen, read and write simple texts

• get an approach to a practical working knowledge of grammar and vocabulary

• a sense of progress, with occasional assessments and regular personalised feedback




Family life
Hobbies and pastimes

Leisure activities

Work and jobs




Food and drink
Nationalities and countries
Personal information
Places in the town, shops and shopping

Verbs – basic




Giving and asking directions
Describing habits and routines

Giving personal information Greetings
Telling the time
Understanding and using numbers

Understanding and using prices




Adjectives: common and demonstrative

Adverbs of frequency
Comparatives and superlatives
Going to

How much/how many and very common uncountable nouns

I’d like
Imperatives (+/-)
Intensifiers - very basic
Modals: can/can’t/could/couldn’t
Present simple

Present continuous

Past simple of “to be”
Past Simple
Possessive adjectives
Prepositions, common
Prepositions of place
Prepositions of time, including in/on/at
Pronouns: simple, personal
There is/are
To be, including question+negatives

Verb + ing: like/hate/love


Discourse Markers


Connecting words, and, but, because




The alphabet


The individual sounds in English

  • The vowel differences

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