Icelandic 5



The course is focused on the needs of those who already have a good basis in the language. The emphasis is continued on elements of daily life and the needs of a family. In that context, the understanding of the language is enhanced in relations to situations that occur at work, school and in daily life.


The student should be more able to express her / his feelings and opinions, enhancing her / his abilities in the language and self-confidence. Training in reading and writing is increased along with spoken language. The assignments are made to try the student's abilities in real situations and train one in having conversations and make one as understandable as possible in Icelandic.



Final objectives and skills

Understanding: The student can understand the basics of normal spoken language about familiar topics

  • Responds correctly to navigation instructions

  • Respond correctly to instructions regarding work

  • Follows conversations and understands the context

  • The student can read texts on familiar topics



  • Reads texts about daily life, say; personal letter

  • Reads simple navigation instructions, guidance and advertisements

  • Reads simple descriptions related to work or school, say; letter from school, parental- or sports association


Spoken language: The student has enough vocabulary regarding daily matters

  • Can buy, return and switch items

  • Describes persons, things and environment

  • Can explain how to do things

  • Asks about and explains issues that relate to her/his work

  • The student can describe in a simple way her/his personal experience, expectations and future plans



  • Expresses her / his intentions and longings

  • Describes a personal experience

  • Expresses and responds to feelings


Writing: The student can write in simple language about topics that she / he knows well



  • Writes messages and gives information

  • Writes a simple letter and asks for information

  • Writes a description of her / himself and the family

  • Writes a short text about daily life, school, work and hobbies