On quality issues of Múltikúlti Language Center

(from quality assessment meeting in August 22nd. 2020)


Hiring teachers and qualifications

When hiring teachers, we evaluate their education in languages, experience in teaching and furthermore their communication skills and initiative. Teachers should work through the textbook with the students and explain all the main point in detail. If the group does not manage to finish the textbook the teacher makes sure all the main grammar points and exercises are covered before the course ends. If the students have any appropriate questions outside of the textbooks material the teacher will also try to accommodate them to the best of their ability.

Study material

In the beginning of the semester, teachers will have a meeting to evaluate various aspects of the schoolwork and the study material. In these meetings, the teachers’ and the students’ comments about the courses and the textbook are evaluated to maximize the efficiency of the textbook an to make sure it stems with current societal attitudes.  

-The textbook used in Icelandic 1 was last updated in August 2020.

-The textbook used in Icelandic 2 was last updated in June 2020.

-The textbook used in Icelandic 3 was last updated in August 2020.

-The textbook used in Icelandic 4 was last updated in August 2020.

-Icelandic 5 does not use a textbook.

General Data Protection Regulation

In August 2020 there was a meeting with the company Future404 to evaluate the schools data protection regulation so that it fully meet the standards of the European General Data Protection Regulation, which was implemented into Icelandic law in 2018. The implementation of this regulation into the schools working methods is scheduled to be finished in October 2020.

Students satisfaction, attendance and demands.

Students have a right to the advertised amount of class hours (60)/hours (40).  Students are also notified about the 75% minimum attendance to pass the course. If a student has finished a course with the minimum attendance obligation met, the student receives a certificate showing the students name, Icelandic level, the amount of class hours/hours and the school. If a student can not finish a course because of unforeseen circumstances they are offered to finish a course at the same level later without having to pay, given that the course is not full of people.


Resolving dispute

Should a dispute arise between some of the following parties; teachers, students or other employees, it is the responsibility of the head master to resolve it. The head master talks to the relevant parties and tries reconciliation, but if unsuccessful, he/she makes a ruling according to standards of equality, transparency and proper management. The headmaster makes it clear that if either party does not accept the ruling, it is his/her right to take the matter to the Ministry of Culture and Education. Students also have the possibility of seeking their rights according to general consumer protection and -laws.


Planned improvements

-At the moment we are looking for a bigger place for the school, as the present one has become to small. The intention is to be able to offer bigger and brighter class rooms for the growing number of students.

-The teaching material for the different levels is constantly being revised and shaped, but are quite simple and plain and are produced according to need at the center. The plan is to put the Icelandic 1 book in a more ambitious form in the year 2021 and have it printed in considerable volume.