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Spanish 1


Price: 33.000 kr.

Length: 15 hours


Students will learn the basics of Spanish grammar, as well as basic vocabulary. Students will be trained in understanding and forming short sentences, both written and spoken. The main topics of the course are:




  • Personal pronouns

  • Gender, singular / plural

  • Definite / indefinite article

  • Present tense of the verbs ser, estar, llamarse, tener and haber

  • Present tense of regular verbs

  • Prepositions en, de, a

  • Contraction of the definite article al / del

  • Basic interrogative pronouns

  • Adjectives


Vocabulary – Communication

  • The alphabet and pronunciation

  • Greetings

  • Occupation and nationality

  • Numerals

  • The clock and dates

  • Simple description of persons and objects

  • The house / home

  • Clothes

  • Food

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